Every year, eighth grade scholarship students are graduating from the Nambale Magnet School in Kenya.

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Cynthia came to Nambale Magnet in pre-K and has boarded at the school her entire 9 years. Her family lives in Nambale and has three girls and one bother. Cynthia is the youngest of the girls and her two older sisters are at the local high school…

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Ignatius came to NMS in pre-K without knowing any English. He is grateful for being at the school because he can now speak and read English. His favorite subjects are science and math. He enjoys football and especially playing goalkeeper…

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Naomi came to NMS as a pre-K student. She thinks NMS is a good school because it provides students what they need and people are kind and helpful. Her favorite subjects are geography, history and science and is interested in the origin of the world…

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“Education is one of the most powerful instruments
for reducing poverty and inequality.”

World Bank

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Meet the Students

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The Nambale Magnet School: A home, a school and a future for children made destitute
by the AIDS crisis

From 35 to 330 students in 8 years, 30% of whom are on full scholarship.


of your donation funds life-changing education for these students